BankingClub Congress Corporate Customer Day 2019


Christoph Bauer, founder and managing director

Cologne, 07.02.2019

For the first time this year, the BANKINGCLUB invited to the 2019 Corporate Customer Day in Cologne. Together with Frauke Kempken, entrafin's Head of Sales Cologne, entrafin founder and Managing Director Christoph Bauer gave a presentation on "Digital Trade Finance in the financing mix for SMEs" followed by a Q&A session.

Financing structure of medium-sized companies

Financing is often dominated by long negotiations and cumbersome, bureaucratic procedures. Banks have also recognised this, but are not yet able to fully cover the needs of companies resulting from digitalisation.

"There remains a gap in the financing mix for medium-sized companies," is Christoph Bauer's thesis. "Therefore, the financing structure must be expanded by a readily available option for financing amounts of € 20,000 - 300,000, because these are the sums that medium-sized companies often require unbureaucratically and at short notice".

Growth opportunities through alternative financing

Christoph Bauer (left), Frauke Kempken (centre), Head of Sales Cologne

Such a gap in the financing mix can usually be closed quickly and easily with purchase financing.

This offers medium-sized companies not only the opportunity to realise peak and project business, but above all to exploit growth potential and purchase larger quantities.

Market-proven and digital product

"In the last three years we have developed, digitized & implemented a demonstrably mature product to close this gap for German medium-sized businesses," says Christoph Bauer. "With our fully digital trading portal for purchase financing, a market-proven scoring and rating model, an API interface for connecting partners and other trade platforms, and last but not least, an experienced team of SME and financial experts, entrafin is a reliable partner in the field of purchase financing".

entrafin buys the goods from the supplier and resells them to the customer. The payment period for the customer is extended to 120 days, while the supplier receives his payment immediately.

"Our customers enjoy the simple processes, short communication channels and the possibility to pay for their purchases only after their customer has paid. The high level of customer satisfaction and long-term business relationships motivate us every day," reports Frauke Kempken from her daily sales routine.

Quick & uncomplicated purchase financing

  • Fast working capital
  • Free financing offer
  • No real collateral
  • Without bureaucratic burden
  • With personal advice