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Sporer PCS GmbH

Sporer PCS GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of systems for industrial parts cleaning with a location in 08606 Mühlental, Saxony, near the BAB 72 motorway. 31 employees, 3.5 million € turnover/a and an export rate of approx. 45 % make Sporer PCS GmbH one of the most important companies in the region and an important supplier in the automotive industry.

What makes your company unique?

Our vertical range of manufacture is 95%. Therefore we are able to develop and produce the systems according to customer specifications. We see ourselves as service-oriented problem solvers in all areas of industrial parts cleaning, also or especially after delivery of the systems. As a medium-sized company we try to make the problems of our customers our own and to solve them.

How does everyday business life in a family business differ from that of an externally managed company?

Our most valuable capital is our employees. As a family-run company, we are deeply involved in the lives of our employees and their worries and needs, but also their joys. Therefore, it is sometimes easier to involve employees in goal-oriented measures, but also more difficult, for example, to deal with disciplinary matters.

You bought the company Sporer PCS GmbH as a small business and developed it into an important supplier in the automotive industry. How did you manage that and what is your secret for such a company growth?

The development of modern sales structures was and is essential for the further growth of the company. From the very beginning, we have focused on the introduction of modern technologies and cooperation with partners such as the Fraunhofer Institute. Our regionality in the "automobile country" of southwest Saxony and northern Bavaria was certainly also an advantage.

Why did you decide to buy Sporer PCS GmbH? What potential did you see in the company and especially in the industrial cleaning sector?

Sporer PCS GmbH

First of all: We did not buy Sporer PCS GmbH, but the assets of Sporer Maschinenbau GmbH. We kept the name Sporer, because it was known on the market as a registered trademark. We had recognized that parts cleaning was becoming increasingly important in the course of automation and digitalization. The employees had a lot of experience in the construction of machines made of stainless steel and in the preliminary talks they signalled to us that they wanted to continue working for the company.

The fact that the company is located only a few kilometres from our home certainly had a certain charm.

As an integrated family business in a rather rural region. How important is your company for the region and what advantages does such a rural location offer?

As a company we are certainly connected with the region and we also support various projects. If possible, we also recruit our suppliers from regional companies. The biggest advantage of our location is that there is still a lot of room for expansion of the company and that we are attractive as an employer for the inhabitants of the rural villages, because you can reach your workplace "in slippers", so to speak.

To what extent has digitalisation influenced your company? What investments do you make in digitization now and in the future?

After the takeover, we immediately invested in the installation of a modern system consisting of CAD and ERP, which continuously maps the design up to the storage. This system is constantly being further developed and possibly adapted to new conditions. In the end, it is possible for us, for example, to carry out a post-calculation at the "push of a button". In the development of our products, we have consistently focused on the use of the latest technologies for machine control and sensor technology. Our systems are able to communicate with the other components of a production line. The constant traceability of the cleaned components and the recording of the cleaning parameters is also an issue.

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