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ARI Motors GmbH

ARI Motors GmbH is the supplier of what is currently the smallest electric transporter with road approval in Germany. The name ARI stands for the Japanese name of the ant - and our vehicles are just as powerful, agile and versatile. Our declared goal is to bring cost-effective and powerful electric transporters onto German and European roads. These are optimally tailored for use on "the last mile". They are suitable for small businesses and medium-sized companies as well as for large corporations in fleet use.

You can be counted among the classic family businesses that characterise our medium-sized entrepreneurial landscape in Germany. What is your recipe for success for your good company development?

As is often the case, the right idea at the right time was the beginning of our company. After that, perseverance and diligence laid the first foundation for success. With increasing orders, the selection of the right employees was enormously important in order to shape the philosophy and the orientation of the company and to continuously bring it forward. A mixture of experience and a healthy gut feeling has always helped us very reliably.

How do you assess the German market for small (utility) electric vehicles? What are the challenges to be overcome in 2021?

We are just at the beginning of a change not only towards electromobility, but also towards the reorganisation of traffic space and the increasing acceptance of light vehicles, which provide mobility especially for the last mile. A lot will change in the next few years, and service providers and their customers will ensure that light electric commercial vehicles will also become more of a part of the cityscape through changed consumer behaviour.

What alternative financing options do you use within your financial structure to increase your production and optimise your working capital?

As ARI Motors, we have so far been completely self-financed and use neither loans nor financial investors. Only in the financing of purchases were we able to use the services of Entrafin at an early stage. Entrafin provided us with purchase financing for our goods at a very early stage of our company and recognised our needs in an uncomplicated and individual way and offered the corresponding service. We can strongly recommend the quick and easy processing as well as the reliable payment at Entrafin.

11.08.2020 , Borna , Founder Thomas Kuwatsch and Managing Director Daniel Jacob in front of the vehicle fleet, Photo Ralph Kunz

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