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DGIS AG is a quality association of leading companies from the building technology sector and forms the interface between the specialised trade, building experts and sales. The partners want to ensure healthy and safe living for their customers, especially in the event of damage, and thus protect the health of building users and enhance the value of the home. The services of the damage service include, in particular, drying, leakage detection and moisture measurement, as well as fire protection and germ reduction.

Mr Droste, as CEO of DGIS AG, what keeps you most busy at the moment?

Climate change: there are more and more heavy rain events and many cellars are filling up. We have therefore been pre-financing the import of building dryers for several years. Modern devices for dehumidification with HEPA filters are used so that pollutants are not dispersed. We support the promotion of this innovation through our efforts.

Why is this topic so important?

During a presentation on this topic, meteorologist Andreas Jäger (Servus TV, Austria) explained that due to the slowing down of the jet stream, the highs and lows that determine our weather patterns meander more strongly than in the past, causing weather patterns to increasingly settle locally. This leads to periods of heat becoming longer and more intense, but in return, lows can slow down just as much and become almost settled. As a result, even light rain can overload the drainage system over a long period of time, resulting in an immense increase in pre-draining cellars and moisture damage. The field of building drying is growing rapidly and needs to be strengthened.

Climate change also goes hand in hand with environmental protection. As an entrepreneur, how do you promote environmental protection?

Heating systems and drinking water systems require expansion vessels (MAG: membrane expansion vessel). In closed systems, the "more or less water" that results from heating and cooling must be able to expand. For this purpose, there is a water part and a gas part in such vessels, which are separated by a rubber membrane. Such vessels are installed in almost all systems. In these systems, the gas diffuses away through the system, comparable to our vehicle tyres. Therefore, the maintenance technician must refill this gas reservoir annually, which is done during maintenance. Refrigerant is often used in this process, which causes a lot of environmental pollution. We have developed a special cartridge for this purpose, which replaces this refrigerant with normal air in an environmentally friendly way.

How do you finance your new projects?

Especially when importing from overseas, we use entrafin for interim financing due to the long delivery routes and transport times. With this, we bridge the 4 months starting with the delivery of the supplier until the payment of our customer. We find the connection of the digital platform particularly pleasant, which enables us to communicate quickly with our suppliers - with a fast and personal service.

Lothar F. Droste, CEO, DGIS AG
Lothar F. Droste, CEO, DGIS AG

Suitable video links on these two topics:

Dryer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LA19CQP3vI&t=1s

MAG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9F0M19KJD4o

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