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15 years ago, M.J. Webshops e.K. began producing printed mouse pads with Mr. Mousepad and selling them to business customers. With the founder's existing expertise of more than 20 years in the printing sector and the energetic support of an employee, the idea became reality. Based in Hamburg, Mr. Mousepad now sells to more than 10 different countries in Europe and has already convinced more than 12,000 corporate customers of its service. In recent years, more than 13 million mousepads have been produced, printed, tested and shipped by Mr. Mousepad. Every employee is an expert in his or her field and knows everything about mousepads from the FF. The B2B-oriented webshop has meanwhile been expanded to include the B2C webshop "Geist-und-Geschenk.de".

Mr Johanssen, what is the current hot topic in the advertising industry?

Delivery problems - we are lucky because we already focused on regional partners years ago. Due to short delivery routes and more sustainable materials such as mousepads made of recyclable paper, we are also creating more sustainability and environmental protection. However, rising procurement prices are also becoming an increasingly relevant issue for us.

How do you deal with it?

At the moment, we want to keep prices stable, so we are trying to compensate for a falling margin per mousepad or even per promotional item in general with higher sales figures.

À propos: How were the sales figures during the Corona crisis?

Our clients' marketing budgets were severely cut back in 2020, so many trade fairs and events were not attended or did not take place at all. Therefore, 2020 was a difficult year. As a solution, we have strongly built up the B2C business with webshops and extensions of the product range. We can now profit from this line of business and hope to more than compensate for the sales losses from previous years. Especially the business with coasters made of printed cork in large quantities and promotional gifts such as mugs, cups and jerseys is now picking up strongly. Cooperation with clubs is particularly important here, and we have already been able to establish two good partnerships.

What makes them stand out?

Quality and speed: Our products have to last, this is very important to us and our customers. We also have to be fast, so we send out already individually printed promotional materials in the classic quantity of 50 to 5,000 to our customers within 2-3 days.

How are you developing your business areas?

On the one hand, by cultivating our regular customers, which regularly generates a number of referrals. On the other hand, we push the acquisition of new customers through Google ads, for example via simple search queries such as "print mousepads". When it comes to social media, we follow a clear dichotomy: for Mr. Mouspad, social media advertising is not an issue, as mousepads are mainly sought in the B2B sector and social media addresses other products. For Geist-und-Geschenk.de in the B2C sector, advertising can be better integrated here, and mousepads can also be marketed there - but in a different style.

What convinced you about entrafin purchase financing?

For our day-to-day business, we use the overdraft facility of our house bank. However, if we receive a large order or are generally in a moment of growth, we can make very flexible use of entrafin purchase financing. We can decide together with our supplier at any time whether an invoice should be financed via entrafin or not. In fact, both sides gain liquidity: we have 4 months until payment, but our supplier still gets his money immediately.

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