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15 years ago, Mr. Mousepad started producing printed mousepads and selling them to business customers. With the founder's existing expertise of more than 20 years in the printing sector and the active support of an employee, the idea became reality.

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DGIS AG is a quality association of the leading companies from the building services sector and forms the interface between the specialist trade, building experts and sales.

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ARI Motors GmbH

ARI Motors GmbH is the provider of what is currently the smallest electric transporter with road approval in Germany. The name ARI stands for the Japanese name of the ant - and our vehicles are just as powerful, agile and versatile.

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Schönborner Armaturen GmbH

Schönborner Armaturen GmbH employs about 40 people and has an annual turnover of about 3.5 million euros. Schönborner produces control elements for the gas, water and wastewater industries in the municipal sector.

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Cosmetic Service GmbH

Cosmetic Service GmbH has been a reliable contract manufacturer for high-quality cosmetic products - Made in Germany - since 1976.

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Transportation of goods entrafin


"Purchase financing? That's something like factoring", one often hears, especially by medium-sized companies. But there are significant differences between the two financing models.

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Schlafteam GmbH

Schlafteam GmbH conjures up high-quality solid wood beds and matching solid wood furniture for the bedroom, according to the motto "Design meets nature".

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Sporer PCS GmbH is developer and manufacturer of systems for industrial parts cleaning with a location in 08606 Mühlental, Saxony, near the BAB 72.

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entrafin purchase financing with organic certification

NEW: Organic certification for entrafin

The organic market is booming and continues to grow. Tracking the origin of products and organic certification is becoming increasingly important for retailers. Interim financing without certification will invalidate your organic status.

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In 2019, the Cologne Business Club again invited to the presentation of the renowned Cologne Entrepreneur Award. The prize honours those companies that are regionally and location-bound, socially, future-oriented and of course economically successful.

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German Excellence Award 2019

The best of the best: In Frankfurt, the leaders of the business world will be awarded the German Excellence Prize 2019. n-tv reports on the award ceremony and looks into what makes for excellent business performance.

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The demand for fine trading is increasing. Since the Sars-Cov-2 virus has had a stranglehold on the German economy, there have been significantly more enquiries from interested parties, fine-trading providers report on request from MBI buyers in the market.
The next big project or seasonal business is tempting, but a quick financing solution to pre-finance the necessary purchases fails. Modern Fintechs promise flexible solutions.

Among the award winners are renowned major companies such as Daimler, DPD or Microsoft and young big players such as ABOUT YOU as well as 19 innovative start-ups such as entrafin.

die bank_entrafin

Growth phases, attractive additional orders or seasonal production peaks cannot always be fully realised with traditional bank financing products.

DUB entrepreneurial magazine

The start-up company entrafin helps companies extend their payment terms and thus provides them with liquidity. The founders Dr. Stefan Fenner and Christoph Bauer on their business model.

"I think we've done a lot right by the client so far. Without understanding the financial and entrepreneurial situation of our customers, you cannot sell a financing product - let alone a new one," says Stefan Fenner, co-founder of entrafin.


Entrafin acts as a middleman. He buys the goods from the supplier and resells them to the customer. This is advantageous for both sides: The supplier receives his money immediately and the buyer has more scope for repayment than would be usual in a direct transaction.

The Fintech start-up entrafin now wants to penetrate the market with a comprehensive marketing offensive.

For a fee, the start-up pays the purchase invoices of companies and then gives them up to four months to repay the amount.

"We simplify, accelerate and cheapen access to liquidity for German SMEs."

Two and a half years after the start, the Cologne start-up is getting money again.

entrafin closes second financing round and secures seven-figure growth capital.

Aachener S-UBG Group invests together with Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures in digital trading platform for working capital financing for SMEs.

Overall, the company was able to raise a single-digit million euro amount of new growth capital.

entrafin offers small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to pre-finance their purchases. The purchase financer started in 2015 in Emsdetten, Westphalia.

The company aims to undercut credit offers from established banks and above all to win customers from medium-sized companies for its product.

The customer can therefore obtain his intermediary products without having to expend his own liquid funds for this purpose.

Co-founder Stefan Fenner explains why the Fintech does not require a banking license and what a painful learning process he went through at the beginning.

entrafin has developed a completely digital platform for purchase financing, where suppliers are paid in full directly after delivery ...

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